Since establishing in 2009, CSG has grown from a small ISR consulting firm into a remote sensing and ISR center of excellence, delivering top tier tools, technology, and capabilities to a variety of customers worldwide.  Our team of highly skilled professionals can be found supporting technology innovators in Silicon Valley, specialized U.S. Government agencies in the capital region, and DOD missions in multiple overseas countries.  As we expand our aperture to include new regions and customers, we continue to deliver the same integrity, personalized service, and fundamental value as our consultant beginnings.  Our goal is simple, to improve our customer’s capabilities by delivering the best operational and analytic talent our industry has to offer. CSG FACTS

  • 100% veteran workforce
  • Operational experience in 23 countries and 6 COCOMs
  • Operated 26 sensors aboard 11 different aircraft
  • Operated 6 different unmanned aerial systems
  • DOD qualified sensor operators, instructors, and evaluators
  • Over 15,000 combined flight hours in support of DOD & SOF
  • Extensive experience conducting 1st, 2nd, and 3rd phase IMINT, MASINT, & FMV PED.