Rob Ferriol

President & CEO

A service-disabled USMC veteran and decorated civil servant, Mr. Ferriol has placed a strong focus on leveling the ISR playing field. While orchestrating the tactical and operational employment of ISR assets against a wide variety of mission sets in multiple conflict areas, Mr. Ferriol saw firsthand the value and impact of innovative ISR technology and services. What he also saw was a distinct disparity of ISR TCPED knowledge and effectiveness between not only Conventional and Special Operations Forces, but across the various Combatant Commands, government agencies, and throughout industry.  Drawing on his 17 year association with the U.S. Military, SOF and Intelligence communities where he planned and executed ISR TCPED strategies in support of hundreds of sensitive U.S. missions, Mr. Ferriol has developed an ISR operation, PED, and GEOINT analytic service that delivers an unparalleled combination of technical acumen and operational experience.